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Managing Smart Vision Secures Future Innovation

By 1st April 2016Opinion


The discussion on Industry 4.0 at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year highlighted that views are divided on whether the exponential rate of transformation as to how we live, work and play will be as profound as the previous three industrial revolutions.

The contemporary enthusiasm for the use of globalization, as a term for the phenomenon we experience of increased borderless activity and unbounded integration of structures from local to global, can be disputed. Hasn’t this always been the case?

I was reminded of this when I had the pleasure to meet the current 25th generation owner of a five hundred-plus year old family business. This company has had to change and diversify as its perceived world expanded. Whatever the business structure at any time of trade and investment, it continues to have to consider and then adopt the latest technology and innovation.

Genau 4.0 understands and embraces that:

  • The governance of scale, transparency and needs of our partners requires smart vision management in orientating pressure to the good of the progression.
  • Moving away from a model of price sensitive reduced quality and limited service to a structure of enhanced corporate governance.

This enables all agents to adopt an attitude of long term ownership to solve weak spots, understand stress points and invest time and resources in the right areas.

By maintaining quality in product-centric procurement for business, the main emphasis then shifts initiative and autonomy to a client-centric organisation of decisions, processes and results.

A holistic view of what Industry 4.0 brings in innovation includes that 70% comes from technological advances. What it realises in vision is that ‘smart’ factory management secures a future. By focusing on both of these attributes creates a trusted spectrum with which to progress change, enable an additive attitude, as well as taking ownership of the governance need in management.