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Industry 4.0 – to gain a Smarter Future

By 14th June 2016Opinion


It must always have been true that the more technology that’s available the more complicated things can become. The advancements made are supposed to make life easier and more leisurely but we all seem to have less time as life becomes busier.

The phenomenon of the fourth industrial revolution, termed as Industry 4.0, might actually be the collective influence that does transform our “busyness”. A recent vote in Switzerland for a base income for everyone foresees that man will become a lesser part of the industrial process, as data is prevalent with the machine.

At the heart of Industry 4.0 is the desire to create higher quality, niche product manufacturing with reduced costs and more productivity. Efficiency of power use and resource use combines to make the Smart Factory with further influence from theorized ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Cloud of Services’.

However, the collective result, which equals Industry 4.0, is achieved through a whole maze of elements that combine to create a route to success; from the initial idea and desire of outcome. Trust in each other, by all stakeholders in the project, is paramount. It is here where the added value of wisdom, in utilizing skills, influences the whole outcome.

An exponential growth in the rate of innovation is exciting,  all parties involved in a project can eagerly await the expectations. Encompassing advice at all levels in the strategy maze of direction that the project takes is key to the project not failing to get off of the drawing board. Being smart in managing change is a constant necessity.

I believe that all businesses are required to achieve something that impacts society and culture in a positive manner and advances the world we live in. Importantly, the knowledge of knowing where we are going has to also take account of the wisdom gained from where we have come from. It is then that a smarter future is gained