Clean Room Pneumatic Service Box

We can create bespoke Pneumatic Service boxes from the extensive SMC clean room offering to suit your maintainence needs.

SMC KPL Clean One-touch Fitting for Blowing Systems: Range of clean one-touch fitting for blowing systems, completely oil free and can be used for vacuum – (100kPa) (-14.5psi)

ARP20/30/40, Direct Operated Precision Regulator, Special Applications: Clean room compliant, with or without backflow function, range of threads and specifications.

Compact cylinders: From Series (N)CQ2 compact cylinders that provide a space- saving design and exceptional service life, to CQS compact cylinders available for small bore cylinder applications, or Series CJ2 minature cylinders. These and many more available to suit your pnematic service needs.

Partners: Working with Key Partners to supply the major brands above.

For further bespoke configurations of niche products to suit your businesses needs please contact us